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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wicca?

Wicca is an earth-centered religion. Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede (An it harm none, do as you will), the Rule of Return (whatever you do comes back to you threefold), and believe in a God and a Goddess. General guidelines about the laws that Wiccans follow are also available. Here are some suggested sites for finding out more about the Wiccan religion:
The Celtic Connection,
Wicca on the Web,
Witches' Voice,

What is NorthWind?

NorthWind is an eclectic teaching tradition of American Wicca. NorthWind teaches formal classes, with the end goal being studying towards a degree or simply understanding more about Wicca. More information about NorthWind's history can be found.

What is a "teaching tradition?"

NorthWind Tradition of Wicca was founded to help teach the growing number of people rediscovering Neo-Pagan religions. A large portion of the tradition's focus is centered on Community.

How many people contact NorthWind for classes?

We receive approximately 2-3 inquiries per day. Granted, it may not sound like a great volume. However, there are only two or three online teachers who conduct one or two classes per week, in addition to our family lives, jobs, etc.

How often do classes form?

Classes tend to form when there are enough students and an available teacher. This can be any where from one week after you contact NorthWind to several months. Online classes tend to take a little longer than local classes to coordinate. Generally, online classes may deal with other students across several time zones. Figuring out a common schedule can take more time. However, if you are accepted as a student, you will be given projects to work on until formal classes start.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held locally in East Tennessee, and online. We currently have students in California, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Israel, and Italy.

What are classes like?

Classes take two forms: online and in-person (available only where there is a NorthWind teacher). Online classes use a chat/instant messaging program, like ICQ or Yahoo Messenger, to hold weekly or bimonthly meetings. There is also an online community for NorthWind students at E-Circles. Whether you are in-person or online, we try to make sure that every student receives individual attention and thorough training.

How do I become a student?

Chances are, if you have searched the Internet enough to find this tradition, then you have probably been searching for a path. If, after reading the materials on this site, NorthWind feels right to you, then you are welcome to email for more information about classes. If, at any time, you feel that NorthWind no longer feels right, then we will do our best to help you find your path. We also ask that you respond to a New Student Questionnaire.

What qualifications do I need in order to become a First Degree student?

Almost anyone who is sincerely interested may join a NorthWind First Degree class. We ask for a few basic things from students:

What if I have studied with another tradition?

If you have studied with another tradition, then you and your teacher will need to discuss where you are in your studies.

If I have been initiated as a First Degree with another tradition, may I also study towards a NorthWind First Degree?

Once you have received your First Degree, then you are an initiate, and that magickal moment in your life can never be repeated. If you are interested in studying with NorthWind, contact us.

I'm interested in studying for my next degree. What do I do now?

NorthWind considers upper degree students on an individual basis. You would be welcome to submit a request for consideration.