NorthWind is a group of individuals who call their religious focus Wicca. NorthWind was founded to help provide solid training for people interested in the Wiccan path. We recognize that no tradition can possibly hope to accomodate everyone. To this end, we encourage our members and students to explore other Paths and Traditions, so they can find the appropriate Path for their growth.
Our primary focus is service to the Community of the Stone Peoples, the general Wiccan and neoPagan community in the U.S, by teaching Wicca, training clergy, leading public rituals, and attempting to increase networking among groups.


NorthWind's ritual and lore are a combination of English/Celtic Wiccan and American Indian Spirituality. The tradition has many sources: Amber K (author of True Magick), Our Lady of the Woods; Michael Ragan, Temple of Danann; Dick and Gail, Unicorn Grove; Isaac Bonewits, Ar n'Draioght Fein; Medicine Hawk, Shadowlight Clan; Judy Harrow, Proteus; and Tziporah, Blue Star.

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