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Questions for New Students

Before you respond to this questionnaire, make sure that you have read all of the First Degree materials listed above. Deciding to study towards a degree is a serious endeavor that will require time and commitment both from you and your teacher. If you are interested in applying for online studies, please copy and paste these questions into an email addressed to, and answer the following questions.

  1. Contact information (some way we can contact you).
  2. Why are you interested in studying Wicca?

  3. Are you interacting with any Wiccan or Pagan groups now? At some time in the past?

  4. Have you been initiated to any degree in the craft? What degree and by whom?

  5. Have you ever studied Wicca with another person? What did you study?

  6. What do you expect to learn from NorthWind?

  7. What are your expectations about where you are going with Wicca?

  8. Please list all the books about Wicca you've read. If you've forgotten the title and/or the author, describe the book as well as you can.

  9. What do you expect of NorthWind? Your teacher?

  10. Have you ever done Wiccan Ritual? With whom?