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First Degree Studies

Outline of Formal Classes

Please keep in mind that these classes may not be presented in this order.

1. Wiccans, Pagans, Druids, and Other Peculiar People.

2. What is Wicca?

3. Generalized Wiccan Ritual.

4. Doing Ritual - in two parts.

5. Laws of Wicca.

6. Pagan Manners.

7. God, Goddess, and Community.

8. What is Magick?

9. Symbolism.

10. Magickal Personality.

11. Ritual Cleansing, Aspecting.

12. Vision Quest.

13. Working with the Power.

14. On Turtle Island.

15. Clearing the Channels of Power.

16. The Wheel of the Year.

17. Divination.

18. Tools of Magick.

19. Elementary Herbalism (Magick only).

20. Time.

21. Sex and Sacrifice.

22. Getting ready for Initiation.

23. When the Shit Hits the Prayer Fan.

Workshop Intensive Program

These additional workshops may be offered, and are taught locally.

What is NorthWind?

Ritual Theater.

Ritual and Magick.

American Indian Skills and Philosophy.

Dance and Music in Ritual.

Creating Ritual.

The Stone Peoples.