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First Degree Studies

First Degree Training

First Degree initiation is granted in recognition and confirmation of a good general knowledge of a number of occult disciplines as well as of the specific traditions and rituals of NorthWind.

While it is sincerely hoped that you will develop skills; the utmost effort made to accomplish this end, you are not judged upon your ability to DO when we consider granting your First Degree. That is, your ability to actually raise power, to actually do valid divination, etc. That you know and are practiced in the methods is the requirement.

While there are basic First Degree Classes or lessons, these are not necessarily all you will be expected to learn before you are granted initiation. Each student is assigned to a teacher or study group. NorthWind Study Groups are usually led by a First Degree Initiate, but circumstances of time, availability and geography dictates the final composition.

NorthWind offers in-person and online classes. The student's and teacher's responsibilities and requirements remain the same, whether in-person or online. Those students working by correspondence, please read both this section and the following one on Correspondence study.

If, after reviewing all of the materials, you are interested in applying for First Degree classes, please fill out the New Student Questionnaire.