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Views and Ideals
NorthWind is a small group with a dream with certain ideals:

  • Our primary focus is service to the Community of the Stone Peoples, the general Wiccan and neoPagan community in the U.S, by teaching Wicca, training clergy, leading public rituals, and attempting to increase networking among groups.
  • We seek to form ties with the land and to communicate with the entities native to it.
  • We are dedicated to to the ideal of personal choice and personal responsibility. An attitude of respect for all that is within each of us permeates all of our activities.
  • We do not tell anyone what to do or how to do it. NorthWind exists to help all of the Members achieve his or her goals in life and in the Craft.

NorthWind is both a cohesive Craft group,
teaching and practicing Wicca with an agreed-upon set of rituals and classes, and an umbrella group supporting the individual members' personal preferences and tastes. Members of NorthWind include those who practice solitary Wicca and others who focus on group work. NorthWind has a set of rituals for most occasions which are available either routinely or in an emergency.
There is no requirement that to be NorthWind the
frame of ritual provided in NorthWind must be followed. Most of the time we retain the basic casting and invocations from the NorthWind frame of ritual in order to establish a sense of continuity and community. All initiates learn the materials contained in those classes.
A very few items seem integral to NorthWind. We usually have only one knife - athame - which may have any color handle. However, the knife MUST have a cutting edge. Within reason, razor sharp isn't particularly comfortable in circle. We have no rules about what this knife may be used for and, indeed, many of us have in emergency used them for mundane purposes without any reduction in magickal usefulness.
We favor working with a three-point balance rather than the two-point dichotomy common to most Wiccan traditions. We honor the God and the Goddess under many names and faces. We add to them the Community - the Stone People -- those people world-wide (and throughout time) who, like us, are committed to the Earth and the natural universe and the concept of divinity in all things. We, therefore, usually do our rituals with three people as High Priests/esses and we invoke all three Powers at the beginning of our rituals. Many of our rituals will involve several more individuals than three as we find this a further aid to our goal of doing powerful ritual.

P.l.C., Pagan Identification Code
: A name, such as Grey Cat, which isn't an identifying name to the mundane public nor a birth certificate name; and also isn't more or less a secret magickal or circle name. Pick a PIC which can be lived with as it's extremely confusing when these change all the time.
Degree: Ritually conveyed recognition of accomplishment within the Craft and way of expressing indescribable experiences in personal growth.
Frame of Ritual: A basic format for ritual with standard invocations of quarters, diety, and closing. Almost "modular" because a person can insert the body of a ritual into the frame and have a ready-made script. It also provides a familiar format for ritual which is an invaluable teaching tool.
This information is copyrighted by NorthWind;
Grey Cat, High Priestess.
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