Summer Magick Festival


NorthWind Homecoming

July 10 - 12, 1998

  Deep in the green woodlands of the Cumberland hills, there's a very special place where the spirits of Turtle Island roam free and magick is in the air. Here, NorthWind Tradition will host it's tenth (or is it eleventh?) annual summer get-together. Not in a crowd of assorted Pagans, but in a friendly group of Wiccans, we gather to learn, meet new people, have fun and heal ourselves of the abrasions of the year in mundania.
  Where is Summer Magick?
Are children welcome? (Of course!)
What will we be doing?
Registration and Cost
What to bring, and what to leave at home
Can I invite others to come?

  Where: At a site in Western East Tennessee just off I-40 . (You will get site directions with the acknowledgment of your registration)
When: Arrival anytime Friday, July 10. Departure Sunday, July 12.
How do I make a reservation? (Because space is limited, you must register in advance to be sure you'll have a place at this gathering) You can register online at the NorthWind page ( or you can fill out the attached form and mail it to NorthWind at 3410 Solway Road; Knoxville, TN 37931.
How much will it cost? Cost is $15.00 per person, $25.00 per family payable in advance of the gathering date.
Can I bring children and will there be anything for them to do? Children are allowed at the gathering and there will be planned activities for them. It is important that you let us know in advance how many children will be here and what their ages are to aid us with this planning. There is a materials charge of $3.00 each for children under 12.
What will we be doing? While we keep our plans relatively simple, there will be planned and scheduled activities. These will include: Opening and Closing Rituals, Major Ritual, Workshops, World Water War III, Fantasy dress-up night, sweat lodge and pot luck supper. Support group meetings will be scheduled. Also, Ariell has promised to bring the shop so there will be goodies to buy at affordable prices.
What should I bring? You will be camping out, so bring a tent, ground cloth, camping stove, cooler, bedroll, and chair. Bring food for yourself and a special dish for the pot-luck. (In your registration packet you will find some suggestions.) Bring ordinary sport clothes (this is not a clothing optional site, and please don't wear your "great rite tee shirt") for daytimes, bring ritual robes, warm jacket and rain gear. Saturday night we will have a Fantasy ball, so bring what you need to dress up as your favorite God/ess, character out of fiction, alien, or whatever. Parents, please bring toys for all the children to share.
What should I leave at home? Pets, recreational drugs, firearms, bad attitudes and whinies.
May I bring my spouse, significant other, covener, friend? Probably, but you must have permission.
So reserve your place now for Summer Magick and mark your calendar, talk with your boss about time off and tell the kids they'll have a lot of fun.
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Registration form
Email address
How many adults?
How many children and what are their ages?
Money enclosed: Individual ($15)
Family (2 adults and/or children) ($25)
Activities fee for children under 12 ($3)
Total enclosed:
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