April 30 - May 2, 1999

The Caladonii Grand Tradition and the NorthWind Tradition of American Witchcraft are joining for a get-together for Beltane. This will be a relatiely informal gathering although there will be some workshops and there will be a joint Beltane ritual. Venders are being invited for your shopping pleasure.

Visit here for complete information on rules, workshops, directions, and what to bring.

Where: Dragon Hills, a Pagan owned gathering site somewhat north and west of Atlanta.

Members and friends of the two traditions are invited. This is not to be a generally advertised event.

Cost: $12.50 Adults; $10 Children

Meals: Prepared food will be available for purchase by participants. Those who wish are free to do their own meal preparation. A central area will be designated for Friday and Saturday supper where all can gather and eat together.

Entrance requirements: Be prepared to show that you have available a sleeping bag, warm clothing, and either food or sufficient money to provide for yourself for the entire weekend. If you need a ride, contact either tradition to arrange this well before the date of the gathering.

Children: There will be no formal childcare provided EXCEPT during the time of the Beltane Ritual. Parents will be responsible for their children at all times.

Workshops: Leaders from both traditions will offer workshops. Anyone interested in presenting a workshop should contact their own tradition to arrange a time.

This gathering will abound in free time for conversation and informal and formal work by each tradition. Be aware that the Caladonii will be conducting some private rituals to which you probably will not be invited. This can also be true of NorthWind although we don't know of any at this time.

NorthWind does not anticipate holding any other Beltane rituals for "makeup."