Web Design Awards for NorthWind




  Well, after over a year of having this site up, we have won our first awards. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this website, and made it what it is today.


Web Site Excellence award given to us by Kid's Place on October 18, 1998.

Awarded for having "True Style" in our web-site. This was awarded to us on October 19, 1998 by Stacie's Designs.

Artistic Reality award for great graphics and content. This was awarded to the NorthWind website on November 30, 1998 by Artistic Reality. They have some really cool stuff on their site! It's a great resource!

NorthWind was honored with this site on December 6, 1998 from Solutions for Networking and Internet Working.

These two lovely awards were given to the NorthWind web site on February 3, 1999, for Pagan Unification and for Web site design. Below is an excerpt from the email.

To whom it may concern.

Thank you for e-mail, I have reviewed your website and was pleasantly surprised at the depth and insight of the information that I found there....So much so that I have decided to present you with two awards. All I ask is that you enjoy them, and also that you link them back to my website.

Upon reviewing your website "Northwind Tradition" I have decided that you deserve two awards from me....The "Ameniatha's Award for Pagan Unification" is for the way that you reach out to all pagans, and not just a specific tradition, and the "Ameniatha's Abode Mystic Award" is for the way that you have presented your website.

This award was given to NorthWind for Web Site Design. Below is an excerpt from the emial we received from the sponsor of the award, Fidelity Software Resources.

"This award is for web sites that show a certain kind of visual appeal. They must be both very pleasant to look at and have free flowing navigation. Winning this award shows the visitors to a web site that its webmaster has mastered the visual aspect of web designs.

The site reviewed was very pleasant to look at and had outstanding navigation. The web author should be proud of their work. It looks like you worked very hard on your web site so we are proud to give you the FSR KEY SITE Gifted Award."

The Bright Blades Award

For Having a Sharp Page!

This award was given to NorthWind on February 3, 1999 for content, style, and appearance. Below is an excerpt from the award notification email:

"After reviewing your site I have decided it is a sharp site, and deserves the Bright Blades Award! Your site joins a distinguished list of fine web pages out there on the World Wide Web that meet with my personal approval for content, style, and appearance. Keep up the good work."

WGB Creations Cool Site Award, given to the NorthWind pages on December 29, 1998.
  Award from Terra's World for great design. Given in December, 1998.