Gathering Finance Report for Summer Magick 1998
To the best of my rememberance and sketchy record keeping, we took in $205.00 for the gathering July 10 - 12. There were at least 22 people there and three kids.
Expenses were:
$33.81 for toilet paper, plastic, first aid supplies, etc.
$76.77 for food
$35 to Mik and Donny for gas, use of machines, work and so on.
Total expenses $145.58
"Profit" $59.42
That $60 will be the seed money for the October gathering and will be a help wherever we decide to hold it.
Anyone who didn't pay but wishes to, just get it to Wren or me when you get a chance. With some money to start with, we should be able to have a better gathering next time. I hope to see all of you there, as well as the folks who wanted to come but didn't make it.
Blessed Be
Grey Cat

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